Monday, August 29, 2011

Unique Underwriters - Integrity

How great it is to work with a company of Integity!

Imagine this, having direct access to each of the five owners via cell phone or email. People who have been in my shoes.

People who have actually been in the field and sold products.
People who went from high incomes to no income due to change
in the economy, change in companies, changes in life.

I am proud to be associated with Unique Underwriters


They are who they say they are..
They do what they say they will do..
They provide what they say they will provide..
They are Servants with a Servant's heart!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Getting Sales Referrals without Begging

Getting Sales Referrals

Asking for referrals can be a very difficult part of your sales routine. In fact, many sales professionals have shared that asking for referrals is something they … HATE! Why is asking an already happy customer........

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Your Money Guide to Wealth

BENEFITS I provide for you and your friends include:

1. BENEFIT: I help couples to reduce marital stress due to financial pressure. Money is #1 cause for divorce!

WHO DO YOU KNOW that has tension (stress) due to money issues?

2. BENEFIT: I show people a plan to reduce their effective mortgage interest rate without refinancing.

WHO DO YOU KNOW that has a mortgage they would like to reduce the interest being paid on all their loans?

3. BENEFIT: I help people reduce their mortgage pay-off time by as much as 10 to 15 years without refinancing or increasing their income?

WHO DO YOU KNOW that has a 15 to 30 year mortgage they would like to pay in as little as 7 to 12 years - without increasing their income?

4. BENEFIT: I help college Graduates pay-off their student loans, credit cards and car payments, without changing their income.

WHO DO YOU KNOW that is a college grad that is faced with large Student loans and other debts?

5. BENEFIT: I help people increase their credit scores.

WHO DO YOU KNOW whose credit scores have declined due to recent economic situation that would love to rebuild their credit score?

6. BENEFIT: I show people how to build wealth and create funds for retirement.
WHO DO YOU KNOW that has lost retirement funds due to economic losses?

7. BENEFIT: I help people see in advance how slight changes in their budget will save thousands in interest and provide future financial security.

WHO DO YOU KNOW that would like to see ahead the results of their budget and how that will help them to be financially strong?

8. BENEFIT: I help people see the TRUE cost of all purchases before making the purchase.

WHO DO YOU KNOW that does not know the best time to make a purchase based on their cash flow and does not know the True (real) cost of each purchase before making the purchase?

9. BENEFIT: I show people how to earn a very good income in a down economy.

. WHO DO YOU KNOW that loves outside sales, perhaps has an understanding of mortgages and loans, and needs a very good income?

10. BENEFIT: I help people pay off ALL loans sooner rather than later.

WHO DO YOU KNOW that has a combination of loans including Credit cards, car payments, student loans?

11. BENEFIT: I show people how to maximize their income.

WHO DO YOU KNOW that would trade $50 for $200 ?

12. BENEFIT: I work with a company that has received Awards from Ernst and Young Financial and endorsed by Cuna Financial.

WHO DO YOU KNOW that only works with companies that have credibility and long term reputation.?

13. BENEFIT: I provide no cost / obligation consultation and financial analysis to see if you qualify for a program that will set you years ahead financially.

WHO DO YOU KNOW that is concerned and interested in reviewing a program, that provides immediate visible results financially in the short term? With long term benefits? I'd love to hear from you and meet with you for a networking One on One!