Friday, December 31, 2010

Getting Sales Referrals without Begging

Getting Sales Referrals

Asking for referrals can be a very difficult part of your sales routine. In fact, many sales professionals have shared that asking for referrals is something they … HATE! Why is asking an already happy customer........

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Your Money Guide to Wealth

BENEFITS I provide for you and your friends include:

1. BENEFIT: I help couples to reduce marital stress due to financial pressure. Money is #1 cause for divorce!

WHO DO YOU KNOW that has tension (stress) due to money issues?

2. BENEFIT: I show people a plan to reduce their effective mortgage interest rate without refinancing.

WHO DO YOU KNOW that has a mortgage they would like to reduce the interest being paid on all their loans?

3. BENEFIT: I help people reduce their mortgage pay-off time by as much as 10 to 15 years without refinancing or increasing their income?

WHO DO YOU KNOW that has a 15 to 30 year mortgage they would like to pay in as little as 7 to 12 years - without increasing their income?

4. BENEFIT: I help college Graduates pay-off their student loans, credit cards and car payments, without changing their income.

WHO DO YOU KNOW that is a college grad that is faced with large Student loans and other debts?

5. BENEFIT: I help people increase their credit scores.

WHO DO YOU KNOW whose credit scores have declined due to recent economic situation that would love to rebuild their credit score?

6. BENEFIT: I show people how to build wealth and create funds for retirement.
WHO DO YOU KNOW that has lost retirement funds due to economic losses?

7. BENEFIT: I help people see in advance how slight changes in their budget will save thousands in interest and provide future financial security.

WHO DO YOU KNOW that would like to see ahead the results of their budget and how that will help them to be financially strong?

8. BENEFIT: I help people see the TRUE cost of all purchases before making the purchase.

WHO DO YOU KNOW that does not know the best time to make a purchase based on their cash flow and does not know the True (real) cost of each purchase before making the purchase?

9. BENEFIT: I show people how to earn a very good income in a down economy.

. WHO DO YOU KNOW that loves outside sales, perhaps has an understanding of mortgages and loans, and needs a very good income?

10. BENEFIT: I help people pay off ALL loans sooner rather than later.

WHO DO YOU KNOW that has a combination of loans including Credit cards, car payments, student loans?

11. BENEFIT: I show people how to maximize their income.

WHO DO YOU KNOW that would trade $50 for $200 ?

12. BENEFIT: I work with a company that has received Awards from Ernst and Young Financial and endorsed by Cuna Financial.

WHO DO YOU KNOW that only works with companies that have credibility and long term reputation.?

13. BENEFIT: I provide no cost / obligation consultation and financial analysis to see if you qualify for a program that will set you years ahead financially.

WHO DO YOU KNOW that is concerned and interested in reviewing a program, that provides immediate visible results financially in the short term? With long term benefits? I'd love to hear from you and meet with you for a networking One on One!

Friday, July 9, 2010

We Really Do Need Each Other

We Really Do Need Each Other

Networking is a very effective way
to build long term friendships.

This was demonstrated on July 8
when over 150 networkers
from various groups met
at the beach
to celebrate and
to remember our friend

Julie Corcoran

Following is an excerpt from the book
"We Really Do Need Each Other"

"At school a few years ago
there was a course in
"Group and Interpersonal Relations"

About a dozen people took the class
and at the end of it
they decided they wanted
to do something together
as kind of closing to the class.

You know,
they had come to know each other,
and to share with each other,
and to really be personal to each other
and break down the walls
and so forth...

So they decided to get together
and take a hike up to Hennigar Flats.
Now Hennigar Flats is about 3 miles
up the side of the mountain
behind the campus
and takes about an hour and half
for anyone to make the hike.

So they set the day
- and made the sandwiches
- and made the chocolate
- and brought the cold drinks
- and the back packs
- and they got all gathered up
for the safari
and they started up the mountain

But it wasn't long until
the strong, stalwart ones were up in front
and the other ones were back in the middle
and way back at the end of the line
was a girl named Jane-
who was, you might say, out of shape.

At the front was Don
a big strong, former paratrooper.
He and some others - the strong ones -
were up in front - and
the weak ones were back in the back
and way in the back was Jane.

And Don said -
it was he who told me the story-
he looked back a couple of switchbacks
and saw Jane

And the Lord told him
that he had just better go back
and walk with her
That's kind of hard on him because
he has a need - to be first.

But he went down
and started walking with Jane
and the people in the level above
called down
"Come on up, It's great up here."

And Jane yelled,
"I don't think I can make it."

And they hollered, " Yeah, you can.
Try harder, come on up."

And every time they called to her
down went her own sense of worth
down went her own sense of value -
"I can't make it"

"Oh yeah, you can. Come on"

So the strong went on ahead
and the weak hung behind
and here was Jane
she never made it to the top.


that's not the last chapter.

They must have learned their lessons
because they decided that was no way
to end the fellowship of that class
and they got together
and decided to do it again.

But they make some new rules--
it was everybody go
or nobody go
and they all were going

So they set the day
- and made the sandwiches
- and made the chocolate
- and bought the cold drinks
- and the back packs
- and they got all gathered up
for the safari,
and they started up the mountain.

It took them 4 hours
to make it to the top,
- and the water was all gone
- and the cold drinks were all gone
- and the sandwiches were all gone
- and the chocolate was all gone
- and the back packs were empty

But they all made it,

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Increase Retirement funds

Imagine this.

Increase your retirement funds
Increasing your income

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Raise your Credit Score

One of the major benefits of using
our Money Management System is
that it will increase your Credit Score.

Best part it does not require
a change of income, an increase in income
to achieve a raise in your Credit Score.

You will not need a credit or debt
restoration program to help you achieve
the benefits of a) credit score increased
b) all loans paid off quickly
c) soon to have retirement funds invested.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Interest Rate Vs True Cost of Interest

Rate versus Cost

There are multiple ways of calculating interest.
I don't know them all, but some are compound,
simple, average daily balance, amortized,
minimum monthly balance, to name a few.

The way interest is calculated makes a huge difference
to the actual costs associated with a loan.
For instance when you purchase a car for example
the interest rate might be 5%,
cost of car $25,000,
monthly payment $575,73,
with a 48 month term.

So what is 5% of a monthly payment $575.73?
answer is $28.79.
Most people think this is what they are paying.

However the first payment will be divided into
$471.57 towards principal and
$104.17 towards interest.
So that means you are actually paying
18.09% interest that month.

After 13 payments you have paid $25,000 -
$18,714.02 = $6,285.98 in principal payments
plus $1,198.54 towards interest
equals a total of $7,474.52 in payments.
The percentage of interest volume you have paid
the lender is still 16.01%.

So for the first 13 of 48 months you are really paying
an average of 17% interest on a 5% loan.

If you do pay the whole loan back over 4 years
you will actually pay $2,635.15 in interest charges
which is 10.54% of $25,000 on a loan charge rate of 5%.

The national average is that most people return
their vehicle for a trade in before they have paid
off their loan, so during the last year or two when
you would be paying mostly principal payments
you start a new loan all over again beginning
with the higher percentage going towards interest.

The interest rate does not matter as much as the cost
you are really paying.

Once you pay the lender your money for the car,
that money has now gone, never to be seen
or used by you again. So now you have to start
all over again, borrowing more for the next thing
you want.

What if there was a way to recapture not just the 17%
or 10.54% interest charges but also the principal so it was available for
you to buy the next car with when you are ready for a new one?
Would it be worth it to you to learn how?
How many investments offer 10.54 or 17%
returns guaranteed?

We help people Simplify their Finances
by reducing the effective interest rate on all loans.

Friday, April 9, 2010

10 Tips for a Better Tax Day

10 Tips for a Better Tax Day 2010 on April 15
Thursday April 8, 2010
Categories: Happier You

By Deborah Price

As Tax Day 2010 rolls around we wanted to bring you this popular post from Deborah Price's 'Your Daily Spiritual Stimulus' blog. As Deborah pointed out last year, rather than worry, approaching taxes with gratitude and a sense of peace can make dealing with them so much easier. Here's hoping your Tax Day 2010 is a good one.

Let's face it, April 15th is not exactly one of our favorite date's on the calendar. In fact, it can be downright stressful and turn an otherwise good day into little more than a grouchy irritation to be gotten done with as quickly as possible.

Even Albert Einstein said (on filing his taxes), "This is too difficult for a mathematician. It takes a philosopher." Somehow, knowing that even Einstein struggled on April 15th should help us all feel a little more at ease.

Perhaps he's right, maybe we should approach tax time a little more philosophically and spiritually. So, here's my Ten Tips for improving your April 15th:

1. Begin your day by counting your blessings for being an American. In spite of what you may owe the IRS, you still live in one of the best countries in the world and have more personal freedom than over half the world's citizens.

2. Have gratitude for the shower you are about to take that comes from municipal water that you pay taxes for. It's hot, it's clean and for now anyway, it's plentiful.

3. If you have children that you have to get ready to go to school, pause for a moment as you pack their lunch, and remember, your tax dollars help to pay for their public education. Yes, we could be doing a better job, but it's a blessing nonetheless that not everyone in the world is entitled to.

4. As you drive to work today on paved roads and freeways, remember to have a moment of gratitude for these roads that your tax dollars help to provide. Believe me, one trip to India and you'll never see a paved road the same again!

5. As you sit to fill out your tax forms, make a list of all the things that you are grateful for in your life. Take a moment to feel the heat that warms your home and notice the electricity that lights the table or desk that you're working at. Life is good in many ways that we fail to notice.

6. If you owe money to the IRS, think about how the tax dollars you're about to pay contribute to the world you live in. Yes, I think it's safe to say most of us would like to see our tax dollars used more wisely but they do help to make the things we value continue to exist. If you have to write a check to the IRS, write "thank you" in the comment section.

7. If you are receiving a refund, think about how this money will be spent to improve your life or those around you. How will you use this money to stimulate your life or the economy? Create an intention to make good use of this tax refund.

8. Before you send in your tax return, say a prayer for your family and for our government that we will all learn to be more thoughtful and wise about our personal and financial resources, that difficult economic times will end soon, that the unemployed will find jobs, and that this great country will rise to be prosperous and whole once again.

9. If you don't have the money and owe the IRS, send in an extension with a thank you note for the good work they're doing and ask them to set up a payment plan for you.

10. And last but not least, if the whole experience is just too overwhelming and you can't quite pull it off by April 15th, file an extension and give yourself another six months. Take a deep breath and remember: it's only taxes, it's not your life and tomorrow, Scarlett, is another day.