Thursday, July 24, 2008

Commitment To Success.

Think of someone you know who is "a person of good character." Lock his or her image in your mind. Now take a moment to reflect on the things this person says and does............the personal characteristics that make him or her a role modelfor you. What comes to mind? What do you see?

Chances are that high on the list of your role model qualities is..... COMMITMENT ......- the unwavering dedication to being a good family member and doing his or her best at work and away from the doing what's right, noble, and decent.

Committed people like your role model, just seem to have their heads and hearts in the right place. They keep their priorities straight. They stay focused on what's important. They know, inherently, that what they believe must drive how they behave - and how they behave ultimately determines the character they possess, the reputation they enjoy, and the legacy they leave.

Abraham Lincoln had this to say about commitment:

COMMITMENT is what transforms a promise into reality. It is the words that speak boldly of your intentions. And the actions which speak louder than the words.

It is making the time when there is none. Coming through time after time after time, year after year after year. Commitment is the stuff character is made of; the power to change the face of things. It is the daily triumph of integrity over skepticism.

The world renowned pianist, Van Cliburn, after one of his magnificent concerts was approached by an admirer who had been in the audience. The emotional fan grasped Cliburn's hand and said,
"I would give my life to be able to play the piano like that."

The pianist smiled and replied..."I DID."

Please Remember,

It's Called Net-----WORK-----Marketing........ The Key is WORK--------- You MUST do the _____WORK___to have Success..

To Your Success


Monday, July 21, 2008

GPS Guide to Life of Abundance

I Have A Confession To Make...

My daughter is what they call "directionally challenged."
That's a nice way of saying she has NO CLUE of
how to get to where she want to go...when it
comes to geography or driving places.

Now don't get me wrong, she can find the important
stuff... like the mall and her favorite ice cream
shop... but when it comes to breaking out of her
normal mode and finding new places, she’s a disaster.

And it gets even worse...

She can't read a map! Really. she looks at it, studies it
and still has no idea how to get from where she is
to where she wants to go. Her friends and family laugh
at her all the time.

When she and her mother go shopping (to a new place)
it's always an adventure. They spend waaay more time
in the car, driving up and down and all around, then
they actually do in the shops.

An average "shopping day" for them goes from around
noon until midnight. ;)

Frequently my daughter calls Dad, “Dad, will you pull
up map quest on the computer and tell me where I am?
Now do I go right or left, quick I am at traffic light,
but I don’t know where!”

Then she found "George" and everything changed...

She got a GPS system and unlike a map—where
you have to figure out your own route and then
follow it without any help or knowing if
you're on course or not--the GPS system guides you
every step of the way. At every turn George
tells her exactly what to do... and if she messes up,
he quickly finds her a new route to follow and then
delivers her safely (and quickly) at her desired destination.

You know, the fact that she has a horrible sense
of "geographic" direction can be annoying to her
from time-to-time and very funny to her friends--
but it doesn't matter much in the grand scheme of things.
Because she has a solid compass and sense of
direction when it comes to what counts... knowing
where she is "going" in life and creating the life
she wants to live.

Others are not so fortunate.

Now my daughter uses “George” to take her
most places. I have been thinking about how easy
“George” has made her life… just by giving her
a simple path to follow. And more than that,
I thought about how great it would be if everyone
could have a "George" for the important stuff...
like the path to financial freedom, absolute abundance
and bliss.

I thought about all the people who struggle to
build a business or create an income--especially
online. They jump here and there, from this
opportunity to that one... just like driving in
circles until they run out of gas or give up
and go home.

But what if it didn't have to be that way?

What if you could plug-in a GPS and get
step-by-step, turn-by-turn instructions right
to your destination (your pile of profit)?
And you could sit back, relax and enjoy the
ride--knowing George would show you the way.

Well, last time I looked Best Buy didn't sell
a "path to profit" GPS system but that doesn't
mean you can't have one. Because right now
I'm opening the doors to as system where I can
be your “George” and show you the fastest,
easiest, most sure path to profit.
I'm going to take you on a MAJOR SHORT-CUT
to the success you crave.

This system will give you the tools and resources
and be your GPS “George” to a life of abundance.

It gets easy when you have someone there
guiding you every step of the way.

So lock-in to your “George” now:

To Your Success,

Walter Seward

P.S. Later today I'll be using George to
take me out to one of my favorite places...
a beautiful mountain lake.

In the meantime, be thinking about your
"destination"... where you want to go
in your life.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How to Write Articles that Promote You as an Authority

When you are trying to promote your website using online marketing techniques, you can do many things that you may not have thought of. One of those things is using articles and the signature boxes to help direct people to your business website, but you may not realize how to do it and what to write about. Here are some tips to help you get started on your way to internet success.

What To Write Your Articles About

You may not know what you should write about but when you stop and think about it, you may be able to come up with something that is so simple for you and your site. Some ideas are:

• What can you do to help people achieve their goals – This is one of the most obvious things to write about because it’s highlighting the business that you offer people in and even more so, what you do.

• What you believe most about
– People want to read about what people like to write about. This can be something that never really came to you when you started, but by being happy about helping others you will write a killer article that is easy to read and loved by others.

• A Hobby
– One of the best ways to draw attention for your business is to find a niche that kind of fits into what your business is about. Writing about this will help get free traffic to your site as well as make for some really killer articles.

Why You Want To Write An Article As A Direct Marketing Technique?

There are many reasons that you would want to create an article as a direct marketing technique, but the most straight forward is probably for a boost in your sites overall traffic. You may not realize how much good this type of direct marketing can do, but if you focus on a couple hours a day and get good articles going, then you can create an amazing traffic driving machine, just from articles.

As mentioned previously, it can be really helpful if the article that you are writing is something that you believe most about because it shows in how you write and what you say in the article.

As you can see there are many avenues you can follow when you are getting ready to create your articles for direct marketing purposes. If you are not sure of your ability to write then you can hire a professional writer to help you with your ideas or to even do them for you. This will make your article more informative then you may be able to write it.

This article has been written by Walter Seward. To learn more great direct response marketing tips, tools and tactics for free. Skills you can use.

Feel free to reprint this article with permission so long as this resource box stays in tact.


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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fire Your Boss - Myth

You have heard it said. Get involved in network marketing
and “fire your boss”, work for yourself and make more money.

We all have that dream. Oh to be self-employed and get rich!

That is a dream.

The reality is this.

Yes, do add a second stream of income working from home.
At the same time Do NOT fire your boss.
Keep your present job.

Those who are accumulating wealth say this:

“I am working full time at my job –
and part-time on my fortune”

You see, your full time job pays the mortgage,
car payments and normal household living expenses.

Your part-time working from home income will build your
fortune when you invest that income to accumulate wealth.

Investing your part-time income into your mortgage, paying it down;
paying off other debts then investing into other real estate etc
will create for you a fortune in a few years.

The prudent and wise person will not “fire their boss”.

What if
… the part-time income from home does not work out?
What if…. you need the benefits that “the boss” provides?

The prudent and wise person will keep his job
until the commission checks from working at home income
doubles the job income for at least six months.

“Wages make you a living
Profits make you a fortune”
- Jim Rohn

Be wise in choosing a home based business.

Work with a company that has long term (more than 5 years)
integrity and a proven track record.

Who are the principals of the company?

What do they know about working from home?

- Walter

Marketing Systems
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Secret to a Life of Abundance and Prosperity

What is the Secret to a life of Abundance and Prosperity?

Is there a secret? Is there a plan?

God’s ability to meet any need. That is prosperity.
However, it is conditional.

1. Meditating and delighting on His laws, His Word day and night.
2. By being a generous giver. Principle of sowing and reaping.

My life of abundance and prosperity ( A&P) is limited only by
my capacity to receive from God His unlimited abundance.

Prosperity is my ability to use God’s ability to meet any need.

The 4 keys to increasing my capacity for abundance are:

1. My ability. What am I capable to manage well?
What are my skills and talents? How responsible am I?

a) My passions. What am I passionate about? What do I love to do?
What excites me? What things do I naturally pursue?

b) What are my skills or talents? What strengths do other
people see in me?

c) What are my values? What is really important to me?
Is there something that I would risk my life for?

d) What was I born to do?

God is the holder of it all, of everything. He created it all.
I just get to hold some of this for a while.
How much I am entrusted with and how much I get to hold is
dependent upon by capacity, my trust worthiness and my dependability.

2. My resources.
As I increase my value to others, my prosperity will increase.
Leaders are readers. Therefore as I become educated through books and CD’s,
doing something each day to increase my personal value – my ability
for a life of abundance and prosperity also increases.

3. My attitude. My attitude comes from my self-image, the person I think I am.
I am of much greater value to others when I see myself as God sees me.

My attitude determines my altitude suggested Earl Nightengale.
How I feel about myself determines the impact I have on those around me.
My attitude also determines what I will do and be.
Phil 4.13 “I can do all things……”

4. My Stewardship. My capacity to hold and be responsible for
what God provides me. Am I trust worthy and dependable?

Abundance is the result of having something of value that others want.
Prosperity is the result of increasing my value (my personal worth to others)

Stewardship involves doing. Faith + Action = Results.
Stewardship involves responsible giving.
Stewardship involves managing the increase that follows.

Abilities + Resources + Attitudes + Stewardship = my capacity.

Together we may enjoy the life of Abundance and Prosperity

- Walter

( adapted from "Greatest Secret" by Ron McIntosh)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How to Achieve a Million Dollar Income

How to achieve a Million Dollar Income.

Two keys to achieving a Million Dollar income are:

1. Developing a Million Dollar Mindset
2. Following A Millionaire’s System.

Let’s look at two scenarios.
Two different business models for creating wealth.

A. Find a very large group of people to do a few simple things
consistently over a long period of time.

B. Market a big ticket item to a few people.

Let’s look at these two business models a little closer.

A. To get a large group of people
who will purchase a few
products every month.

This has the advantage of getting a large group of people
who will purchase products, which they may be purchasing
already, from you every month.

They are buying a product for which you receive
$10 every time the item is purchased.

This is an easy sale and 1000 customers would
generate $10,000 per month income for you.

Wow. How we would love the $10,000 monthly income!

The questions are: –
How long will it take you to find the 1000 customers?
Where will you find them?
How much advertising will you do to find them?
Will this create a Million Dollar Income?

How successful are you at finding these people today?

To be successful using this method you must:
a) find a market – a starving crowd
b) build a list of regular customers
c) create a good sales letter
d) sell a low cost product, affordable for everyong.

B. Market a Big Ticket item to a few people

You could market a Big Ticket item to a few people.
A big ticket item being $997 and you profited $ 400.

You would only need 25 people to create $10,000 income!

To be successful using this method you must:
a) find a market – a starving crowd
b) build a list of regular customers
c) create a good sales letter
d) sell a perceived high value product.

The difference between a good income and massive income
is in Two Words.


The one element to get you from making money
to creating wealth is BIG TICKET item.

You create wealth by selling the Big Ticket!

Ask for it - I will mail you a CD today.

Together we can change your life
and create a million dollar income.