Thursday, July 23, 2009

Social Networking is it Profitable?

How profitable is my time on Facebook and Twitter?

Seth Godin the Pro Marketer makes these comments.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Own Your home Free and Clear

Life is BRIGHT and sunny when like Susan
you know you will own your home free and clear.

Susan has deleted 145 mortgage payments
saving $54,000 in interest towards OWNING her home.

She will have funds for retirement
and travel and enjoyment.

Life would have been DARK and a Big struggle
had she not discovered U First Financial. She was
concerned about retirement income, and would have
been unable to do the traveling and fun things
she wanted to do.

Now Susan sees the light and that she will
enjoy financial freedom without financial
concerns most people have.

Susan is thankful that she took just 35 minutes
to learn about a system that will change her life

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

45th Anniversary

It is a good day.

7 grand children produced
by 3 children
as we celebrate 45 years marriage today.

I think it is 45 years
2009 minus 1964 equals 45 OK.

We have traveled life in many places
and lived in many places.

In Canada, B.C, Sask and Manitoba
In USA Calif, Washington, Nebraska,
Indiana and Florida

In Ecuador - Quito.

Joy has been a nurse in Washington,
Sask and Indiana.

Walter was a grain farmer,
Rental yard clerk, missionary,
president of MLM in Canada,
book sales rep, RV sale agent,
health & life sales agent,
currently an agent with U First Financial.

God has been great - Life is good.

Helping people is what we love to do best

Walter & Joy Seward

Friday, July 3, 2009

Little Cobra visits

Tom and Lisa have recently returned
to Mali, West Africa.

Early morning, there is a visitor.

Meet their new "friend" here.

Thankful for the dog who alerted the family
to the visitor.

Thankful for God's protection in times
like these.