Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year's Resolution

will save me a hundred thousand dollars

New Year’s Resolution
What will it be?
Do something different
To be debt and stress free

Enjoyed our home
Twenty years it has been
Now we owe more
Than when we moved in

How did that happen
Payments were all made
Never a late fee
No statement unpaid

Wanted a new car
‘Twas twenty grand
A home equity loan
Now I shine it by hand

Master cards, Visa Cards
For well deserved joys
Spent forty thousand
On travel and toys

Refinance your home
The bank advised
To pay our home loans
And reclaim our lives

Now thirty years owed
Starting over again
The ten years paid
All went down the drain

Do something different
U First Agent said
Follow this plan
To get out of the red

With Financial GPS
And 20/20 Foresight
Living debt free
Is now within our sight

Our New Year's Resolution
To be debt and stress free
We now found the solution
My Money Merge Account™ and me

by Walter Seward
December 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Glen Beck has a Plan

Listen to Glen Beck as he tells us
"Get out of debt"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Enjoying Family

Keeping in touch with family is important.

How does a family keep connected
when they are scattered by countries,
continents and languages?

Our grown children are:
Tom with his family in Mali, West Africa
Quita and her family in San Jose, California
Tim and his family in Largo, Florida

My siblings are all in Canada
along with my mother
and they are miles apart from each other.

How do we keep in touch?

More importantly, how do you keep in touch
with your family members?

telephone, email, facebook, twitter,
skype, oovoo, viddler are all very effective.

Video is the current medium where
we may connect and SEE each other
although thousands of miles apart.

Whatever the method - time goes by quickly
Keeping in touch is very important.

Do it regularly. Do it often.

Interest Cancelation

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Social Networking is it Profitable?

How profitable is my time on Facebook and Twitter?

Seth Godin the Pro Marketer makes these comments.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Own Your home Free and Clear

Life is BRIGHT and sunny when like Susan
you know you will own your home free and clear.

Susan has deleted 145 mortgage payments
saving $54,000 in interest towards OWNING her home.

She will have funds for retirement
and travel and enjoyment.

Life would have been DARK and a Big struggle
had she not discovered U First Financial. She was
concerned about retirement income, and would have
been unable to do the traveling and fun things
she wanted to do.

Now Susan sees the light and that she will
enjoy financial freedom without financial
concerns most people have.

Susan is thankful that she took just 35 minutes
to learn about a system that will change her life

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

45th Anniversary

It is a good day.

7 grand children produced
by 3 children
as we celebrate 45 years marriage today.

I think it is 45 years
2009 minus 1964 equals 45 OK.

We have traveled life in many places
and lived in many places.

In Canada, B.C, Sask and Manitoba
In USA Calif, Washington, Nebraska,
Indiana and Florida

In Ecuador - Quito.

Joy has been a nurse in Washington,
Sask and Indiana.

Walter was a grain farmer,
Rental yard clerk, missionary,
president of MLM in Canada,
book sales rep, RV sale agent,
health & life sales agent,
currently an agent with U First Financial.

God has been great - Life is good.

Helping people is what we love to do best

Walter & Joy Seward

Friday, July 3, 2009

Little Cobra visits

Tom and Lisa have recently returned
to Mali, West Africa.

Early morning, there is a visitor.

Meet their new "friend" here.

Thankful for the dog who alerted the family
to the visitor.

Thankful for God's protection in times
like these.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Best Networker are Men or Women?

Who are better networkers men or women?

Only one answer is correct!

Find the best person to promote your cause
then provide the training they need to be successful.

= Walter Seward

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eternal Optimist

Who is the Eternal Optimist?

My father was a wheat farm in Saskatchewan, Canada.

In southern Saskatchewan where the trees are only
where they have been planted and a few of those survived.

Understand, Saskatchewan is where a Woodpecker
must pack a lunch to get to the next tree!

January begins with frost biting windchills, -34*F
and a howling strong winter 42 mile per hour breeze.
The snow is already whirled deep enough so that
the boys could walk up the snow drift onto the roof of
the hip-roofed barn. Then slide back down from the top.
What fun. Soft landing, almost always.

Spring arrives in April melting the snow, causing
rivers where no stream flowed. Raft floating time
has arrived. Dressed in winter jacket and big boots,
it is time to try our skills at rafting. Hold on,
there is no good way to steer this “ship”.

My father is getting the tractors and seeding equipment
ready for the May planting of this year’s crop.

In Saskatchewan, it is a one crop per year business.
In faith, the wheat is planted. Believing that in
September there will be a crop to be harvested.

The eternal optimist. Faith Believing that this year
will bring in a profitable harvest.

Whatever the business you are in, you must be
an optimist. You must believe that the seed you
are sowing will bring results, will bring a harvest.

Depending on your business you may harvest
the “crop” in a few months, in a few weeks, or
perhaps in a few days.

The truth is that you will not harvest a crop
unless you continue to plant the seed. You must
be the optimist who understands that
there will be a crop to harvest.

- Walter Seward

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mayo Clinic Swinging at 90 years

What fun this couple is having because they are financially free.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Financial Freedom Benefits

Cruising with friends is fun.

It is educational. Here we are pulling into the harbor in Puerto Rico. The benefits of being self-employed. The benefits of enjoying freedom.

You too, may join thousands of other people who are enjoying the life of financial freedom.

Friends we are:

Walter Seward

Friday, May 8, 2009

IRS Dropped Interest Rates


If you underpaid your taxes and did not pay-up by April 15,here's some minor "good news." The interest you will pay has been reduced to four percent. Of course, there may be late-payment penalties on top of that.

If you file Amended Returns for any of the past three years in order to claim deductions you missed the first time around, they will not only send you the additional money due to you, they'll also pay you 4% interest for the period
of time they had your money.

GOOD NEWS (if you already got hit with "bad news"):

If so, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 says that the first $2,400 you receive in unemployment benefits, will be considered "tax free" when you file your taxes next year.

This tax-exclusion is per person, so if both husband and wife lose their jobs and both receive unemployment, they may each exclude $2,400.

by Ron Mueller

I recommend that you subscribe to Ron Mueller's newsletter
The Tips he gives will save you hundreds in tax dollars.

- Walter Seward

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Student Loans and debt-free Living.

Student loans, most college and university grads have these.

Be not like most student who graduate facing large student loans
to be paid over the next many years. Imagine starting a new
career, starting a family, starting a business with a huge
student loan debt over your head.

Some students have found a way, a system enabling them
to pay off their student loans in a much shorter period of time
without making additional payments.

You control your life when you are debt free.

Tips to save on college costs:

Attend local community college until your final year
when you may choose to transfer to the college of your choice.

Put a maximum credit line of $1000. on your one and only
credit card. Keeps you from over spending.

Think "Cash In must exceed Cash go"

Think "Debt-free living"

Remember the person with the cash
is in control.

Learn more about debt-free living
and how to do this.

Click here Right now.


Walter Seward

Walter Seward: Debt-Free Stress-Free Set-Free

Walter Seward: Debt-Free Stress-Free Set-Free

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Debt-Free Stress-Free Set-Free

In 25 seconds the author of Chicken Soup
for the Soul books motivates you to be
debt-free, stress-free and set-free.

Life is good when financial stress is
removed. You can enjoy life. You can
do your child-hood dreams.

This 25 seconds may change your life!

Walter Seward

To Request more information
enter your name in the box
upper right of this blog.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Darn and Gee

Darn, I wish I had and Gee, I'm Glad I Did.

Let me share an example of how different they are:

Darn and Gee were working together at the same office with the same job. One day, tired and frustrated Gee said "you know what Darn, we should start our own business?" Darn said "What do you mean? It is too expensive to start a business, I am already away from my family too much now as it is, and the risk is just too great. I HAVE to have a pay check to pay the bills and put food on the table. I just don't see how starting a business would work."

Gee looked at Darn and said "Well, I see but I HAVE to do this. I want More time with my family and I want My bills paid and eat Wherever I want." So Gee went on and started his business. Yes, it was a struggle at first, but Gee kept at it and grew his business beyond his wildest dreams.

One day Gee was driving with his family, in their brand new Acura MDX SUV and Gee saw Darn with his family. Darn looked at his family, then looked back at Gee. Then he said "Darn, I wish I had." Gee looked at his gorgeous wife, smiling at him. Then he looked in the back seat at his two beautiful children and the family dog, Duke. He then smiled and said "Gee, I'm glad I did."

Now, would it make sense to hang around the "Gee" type of people or the "Darn" type of people? The Darn, I wish I had are the people that let things pass them by. They say "Wow, I could not do that. Gee is so lucky, everything he wants just happens for him." Where as the "Gee" people make things happen and keep going until it becomes reality.


Why am I sharing this story with you? Because getting out of debt, paying off your mortgage, student loans, credit cards could be a reality for you in an unbelieveable short amount of time.

See this 25 second video.

You could be Debt-free, Stress-Free and Set-Free.

Walter Seward
United First Financial

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ultimate Marketing System for Networkers

Networkers have always searched and tested
various marketing systems, looking for the
best and the most effective at lowest cost.

Finally I found it.

Biz Pack was just released. Use it to
expand your current business.

Image this. A complete Web-based package that includes six modules designed for networkers.

a) UDeduct. A revolutionary analysis tool
that shows a potential client those legal tax
deductions for operating a home based business.
End user software that will track and follow
actual business expenses.

Includes: Payroll by Paychex; Record keeping of
all expenses for year end tax reporting.

b) Contact Manager. Keep current with
appointments, set up your own drip
campaign. Follow up is money, this
system is your friend.

c) Video Now. Send a video of your choice
to prospects or clients and track exactly
when the video is viewed and for how long.
Talk directly to your customers and prospects.

d) Web Meeting. GoToMeeting with up to
1000 attendees attending. Screen share
your desktop with all attendees. Show
your presentation from home to prospects
and clients world-wide. Compatible with
Apple computers.

e) Marketing System.
Includes email templates, monthly client
newsletter and auto responders directly
integrated into the contact management
system. Learn how to effectively attract
new clients and increase profits.

f) Personal Development. With Success
Magazine includes a DVD of the world's
leading teachers and business experts.

g) Opportunity. Register now at n0 cost,
and receive your personal replicated
website. Set up fee is waived until
April 3, 2009.

This total integrated marketing system
will improve your financial future

"Mac" Saunders explains the system

on a 5 minute video


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Food For Thought - Freedom

You cannot legislate the poor into freedom
by legislating the wealthy out of freedom.

What one person receives without working for,
another person must work for without receiving.

The government cannot give to anybody anything
that the government does not first take
from somebody else.

When half of the people get the idea
that they do not have to work because
the other half is going to take care of them,

and when the other half gets the idea that
it does no good to work because somebody else
is going to get what they work for,

That, my dear friend, is about the end
of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by diving it."

(late Dr. Adrian Pierce Rogers, 1931-2005)

- Walter Seward


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Success From Home

"When you build up your net worth, you build up your self-worth. If you are debt free then you are home free. U First will help you to become "debt-free, stress-free and set free". - Mark Victor Hansen.

The fastest way to financial freedom is building equity quickly in your home.

Read all about it in the January-February edition of "Success From Home"

Questions? Contact Walter Seward

phone: 727.418.3251