Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year's Resolution

will save me a hundred thousand dollars

New Year’s Resolution
What will it be?
Do something different
To be debt and stress free

Enjoyed our home
Twenty years it has been
Now we owe more
Than when we moved in

How did that happen
Payments were all made
Never a late fee
No statement unpaid

Wanted a new car
‘Twas twenty grand
A home equity loan
Now I shine it by hand

Master cards, Visa Cards
For well deserved joys
Spent forty thousand
On travel and toys

Refinance your home
The bank advised
To pay our home loans
And reclaim our lives

Now thirty years owed
Starting over again
The ten years paid
All went down the drain

Do something different
U First Agent said
Follow this plan
To get out of the red

With Financial GPS
And 20/20 Foresight
Living debt free
Is now within our sight

Our New Year's Resolution
To be debt and stress free
We now found the solution
My Money Merge Account™ and me

by Walter Seward
December 2009