Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Law of Attraction - What is it?

The Law of Attraction

What is it?

Law of attraction is one of God’s principles. I attract to myself
people, ideas and resources according to my dominate thoughts.

It is about renewing my mind, establishing my heart
and transforming my personal belief system to align with God’s
truths and reveals His provision for mankind.

It is about learning to transform my thinking into faith.
A faith believing I will receive what otherwise would be
the impossible. Faith in turn attracts God’s blessing me
so that I may in turn bless others.

I am a human magnet attracting to myself what is dominate
in my thinking. Therefore, it is to my advantage to renew
my mind so that my life is congruent with kingdom (God’s)

Renewed or transformed thinking brings results.
Roger Bannister renewed his mind, changed his thinking
and believed that he could break the 4 minute mile.
He achieved because he believed in his heart and mind.

Likewise, I can break performance barriers by renewing
my mind, changing my thought patterns. The sub-conscience
mind can be a restrictor limiting my ability to achieve.

Greater success will come to me when I renew my
sub-conscience mind and seriously believe that
greater things are available and at hand.

Now that my mind is transformed and my heart
is lined up with truth, I can perceive and receive
the provision of God’s limitless kingdom.

Mark Victor Hanson in “One Minute Manager”
gives 3 principles 1) Desire 2) Belief 3) Self-Image.

These principles are found in Mark 11.24
“whatever things you ask when you pray,
believe that you will receive them, and you will
have them.”

“Your thoughts create your Life”


Gary McElwain said...


I really like your blog post. The Law of Attraction can really bring you some big surprises.

Thats what most people call lucky.

Gary McElwain

melanie said...

Joy and Walter

Thoughts become things ... so simple, yet so Powerful!

You have a good-looking blog.

Melanie Kissell