Sunday, February 15, 2009

Darn and Gee

Darn, I wish I had and Gee, I'm Glad I Did.

Let me share an example of how different they are:

Darn and Gee were working together at the same office with the same job. One day, tired and frustrated Gee said "you know what Darn, we should start our own business?" Darn said "What do you mean? It is too expensive to start a business, I am already away from my family too much now as it is, and the risk is just too great. I HAVE to have a pay check to pay the bills and put food on the table. I just don't see how starting a business would work."

Gee looked at Darn and said "Well, I see but I HAVE to do this. I want More time with my family and I want My bills paid and eat Wherever I want." So Gee went on and started his business. Yes, it was a struggle at first, but Gee kept at it and grew his business beyond his wildest dreams.

One day Gee was driving with his family, in their brand new Acura MDX SUV and Gee saw Darn with his family. Darn looked at his family, then looked back at Gee. Then he said "Darn, I wish I had." Gee looked at his gorgeous wife, smiling at him. Then he looked in the back seat at his two beautiful children and the family dog, Duke. He then smiled and said "Gee, I'm glad I did."

Now, would it make sense to hang around the "Gee" type of people or the "Darn" type of people? The Darn, I wish I had are the people that let things pass them by. They say "Wow, I could not do that. Gee is so lucky, everything he wants just happens for him." Where as the "Gee" people make things happen and keep going until it becomes reality.


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Walter Seward
United First Financial

1 comment:

Gary McElwain said...

Walter that is a great story.
Darn I wish I would of thought of it.
But Gee I'm glad I read it.

Thanks for bringing a little laughter to an otherwise harsh situation

Gary McElwain