Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eternal Optimist

Who is the Eternal Optimist?

My father was a wheat farm in Saskatchewan, Canada.

In southern Saskatchewan where the trees are only
where they have been planted and a few of those survived.

Understand, Saskatchewan is where a Woodpecker
must pack a lunch to get to the next tree!

January begins with frost biting windchills, -34*F
and a howling strong winter 42 mile per hour breeze.
The snow is already whirled deep enough so that
the boys could walk up the snow drift onto the roof of
the hip-roofed barn. Then slide back down from the top.
What fun. Soft landing, almost always.

Spring arrives in April melting the snow, causing
rivers where no stream flowed. Raft floating time
has arrived. Dressed in winter jacket and big boots,
it is time to try our skills at rafting. Hold on,
there is no good way to steer this “ship”.

My father is getting the tractors and seeding equipment
ready for the May planting of this year’s crop.

In Saskatchewan, it is a one crop per year business.
In faith, the wheat is planted. Believing that in
September there will be a crop to be harvested.

The eternal optimist. Faith Believing that this year
will bring in a profitable harvest.

Whatever the business you are in, you must be
an optimist. You must believe that the seed you
are sowing will bring results, will bring a harvest.

Depending on your business you may harvest
the “crop” in a few months, in a few weeks, or
perhaps in a few days.

The truth is that you will not harvest a crop
unless you continue to plant the seed. You must
be the optimist who understands that
there will be a crop to harvest.

- Walter Seward

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