Monday, March 10, 2008

Networkers Lied to you.

Network Marketing was it the right thing to do ?

It seemed exactly the right thing to do when you started.

Fire My Boss, When Will That Happen?

You figured you'd start in your spare time and build to full-time.
Set up a 2nd income to eventually replace your full-time job.
Then you could fire your boss. No more commuting.
Goodbye office politics.

More Time With Family Members, When?

More time with your family members.
You get to be around as kids grow up.

More Money, When ?

You have the money to do the things you
and your family wanted to do.

Heavy Hitters, Lied to You?

The MLM "Heavy Hitters" lied to you.
They charged you through the teeth for their training.
And what they trained you to do was sell, sell, sell,
recruit, recruit, recruit.

Every time you looked around, they wanted you
to buy something else. But losing all that money
wasn't the low point.

No Friends, Why ?

There's a joke that when you join an MLM,
you also join the NFL. That is the "No Friends Left" league.

They don't pick up the phone when you call.
They hide when they see you coming. They know you
are on a mission, and they are the target.

Can I Really Become Successful ?

And no one wants to feel like they're being tracked
and hunted down. So how can you really build a good
MLM income?

That's what we'll talk about here, several times a week.

Hope you'll stick around.

Meanwhile, Read Your Success Book.

Walter & Joy Seward


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