Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who has Success in MLM.?

Take a good look at who is successful in MLM, and you will see they are all leaders.

You can become a leader.

The only way you can become a leader is to find someone willing to follow you. The only way that can happen is if THEY consider you to be the all-knowing guru who will tell them the MLM success secret.

A Leader has inner belief.

Everybody wants a leader who truly believes. When you can tap into your own bedrock core level of inner belief, you will be astonished at how many people YOU can inspire.

A Leader motivates others.

Network marketers will see you as a leader, because true motivational leaders are almost impossible to find. To be considered a wizard in network marketing, all you need is deep, deep, deep belief.

A Leader has confidence.

You're probably wondering what chance you have to be a leader. I understand. When you can't find the way by yourself, how can you show it to others? The truth is, you are very, very close to being able to show that path to others ... even if you aren't all that confident yet yourself.

A Leader has learned skills to teach others.

You just need a few skills (and, of course, total belief). If you are coachable, and if you are willing to learn the skills, then YOU can be the star in your chosen MLM niche. You can be the #1 person people turn to when they can't do it themselves.

Successful Nework Marketers are Leaders.

You can be the hot leader for some group of people whose future depends on finding a model they can trust and follow. If you truly want success in network marketing, then you MUST become that strong leader. If you look around, it's clear successful network marketers are leaders.

A leader has followers.

A leader must must have followers. People will only follow you if they see in you an unwavering belief that you can help them be successful.

To have that belief, you must get rid of your inner doubt and conflicts. And THERE is the problem. You've gotten used to to and become comfortable with some negative belief. You could even say it helps you, and probably at the expense of a lot of other people. Meanwhile, you fight an internal battle in your soul, a battle you can never win. While that war goes on, it's pretty darned hard for you to get gung-ho about anything.

Succcess in MLM is having belief and ablility to lead a large group of people

So how do you find and harness the good, pure belief you really need in order to lead a large group to network marketing success? Believe it or not, it's simple. I didn't say "easy", but it is simple.

So the real point is, can YOU do it? Stay tuned ...

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