Friday, April 11, 2008

So what is a leader?

What does it really take for you
to be looked at as a leader?

You must offer a clear-cut path
in a single direction.

(Grandson Andrew Fuller)
If you give choices,
people will get into a debate
inside their own mind about it.

They feel they don't have enough
experience to make a good choice,
and nothing will happen.

The way their thinking goes,
they don't know how to get to
where they want to be.

They will be totally happy following,
so long as you grab the lead.
Just tell them exactly what
they must do.

Then their only choice
is to follow you or not.

To be an effective leader,
you must have chosen a path
you have very strong belief in.

It's important to be 100% sure,
because any doubt in your voice
or in your actions comes through
loud and clear to everyone
who is looking at you.

If you demonstrate the single-minded
will to lead in one definite direction,
then you have a real opportunity
to gather followers.

But if you are dispersed
and can't focus, then
people will keep on looking
for a leader.

I see too many people
asking for questions when,
if they just Googled their question,
they’d have an answer.

True leaders don't wait
for others to make a move
to do it for them.

They choose a good example,
then they figure it out
and make it work.

A leader entering unknown
territory still doesn't bat an eye.

They do it anyway.

We all have that spark inside us.
Every one of us learns to drive
by driving.

Success as a leader means
you have a "think REALLY big" mindset,
and then doing the necessary actions.

"Your thots create your life"

Any real leader takes pride
in the fact that they are
100% responsible for their future,
so they do the logical actions
that will bring the results they want.

See you in the next issue.

Leaders read this.

Walter & Joy Seward

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