Monday, April 14, 2008

Your Closest Friends

Who Are Your Closest 5 Friends?

It is very important to carefully
choose your friends.

Do you know why?

Because Your Life is influenced by your
association with your 5 closest friends

You need to be aware of the company
you keep and who are your 5 closest friends.

You will become like those with whom
you hang around.

Your income will equal the average
of your 5 closest friends.


Wow! Were you taught that in college?

Ask yourself these three questions.

1. Who am I around?

2. What are these people doing to me?
Where are they going, doing, believing, reading?

3. Is that OK - for me?


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If what my closest 5 friends are doing
to me is NOT OK then take these 3 steps:

1. Disassociate yourself from those people
who are not taking you in the direction
you want to go.

2. Disassociate yourself from those people
who are determined to get you off course.

3. Expand your closest associates. Hang
around with incredible people. Get to know
people who are earning more than you.


Find a workout partner who will push you
and hold you accountable.

Walter Seward


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