Monday, June 16, 2008

Being Rich is not Chasing Things

Being Rich

People spend their entire lives chasing things:

Possessions, cars, other people. We might chase
relationships, love or security. We might chase
money and position. We finally get these things –
some of us get that love, the gorgeous model,
a big house or six figure income.

Then we think we're really rich. This society is
based on the idea that if you're a millionaire,
or have lots of stuff, you are rich.

But I'm going to give you a whole different version
of what I consider being rich. Because I'm rich,
¦I'm rich in every aspect of my life. Financially,
I'm fine. Emotionally, I kick butt. I have friends,
I love; I have friends all over the world.

My soul is enriched every single day by the things
that I do - because I only do things that I love.

I've got the most fantastic dog in the world. I work
with people who are fantastic and amazing. I get to
travel to places, I get to do things, and I get to
experience a full range of life.

I lead a rich lifestyle, because everything that I
do makes me feel rich - rich as a human being. But
the greatest thing about being rich is that you
absolutely love yourself.

You love everything about yourself. I'm not talking
egotistically, I’m not walking around with a big ego
saying,"I'm the greatest person in the entire world"
- not that at all.

What I'm saying is that you are content with who you
are - you've accepted all the things about you - you
believe in yourself, and in your little nuances.

Maybe you have skinny legs, or bad hair or your eyes
cross a bit - whatever it might be. You've embraced
all of your insecurities.

You can look at yourself in the mirror everyday and
say, "Life is an amazing gift. Every second of every
day I'm going to spend living my life, experiencing
my life and being an active participant in my life."

That's the definition of rich.

There are people who will always have more money than
you, and there will be people who will always have more
things than you. But the fact is that loving yourself,
and spoiling yourself in little ways, is what's important.

For instance, go out and buy yourself something you
really like --if you can afford it--embrace it and
do it. Get out there and have dinner with a friend
you haven't seen in a long time­share your heart and
your soul--that's a rich experience.

Everybody should lead a rich lifestyle. It doesn't
take money. We always want other things. People think,
"I'm going to be happy as soon as I get better skills,
or "I'm going to be happy if I can fall in love."

Or there are women on the inter-net approaching forty
thinking, "I need a family or I won't be happy." You
know what? You're not happy right now!

So you're going to attract all the wrong people, and
you're not going to live a very rich lifestyle. For a
lot of people, the idea of being rich is to accumulate

That's how they believe they will reach an acceptance
of themselves, and contentment. But I always say you
become happier and more comfortable with yourself by
learning to let go of everything you thought you

Learn to let go of everything, your fears, your desires,
and everything else, so you can find the true essence
of yourself. Once you do, you find out who you truly

Once you get there, it's just easier.

When you believe in yourself, you realize that you
are perfect as you are.

You're not the BEST -there's a big difference between
accepting you are perfect just the way you are,, and
delusional belief you are better than everyone else.

You're not the best.

No one is the best in everything in all ways. But
you are perfect as you were created. You're perfect
as you are.

Everything you need to succeed and be happy in life
is in you. You just have to rediscover it, if some
thing clouded that part of you before. Whatever that
was, you can still re-discover the you, you already

Don't keep adding more things to your life. Define,
realize and accept who you truly are, right now.

author: Unknown

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