Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Law of Attraction is Ask, Believe and Receive

The Law of Attraction is Ask, Believe, and Receive.

Why is it that the law of attraction seems to work for some
people and not for others?

What are the three keys to results and law of attraction?

1. Ask. To ask means to want or desire something
for which I am willing to sacrifice. It is asking specifically
for something. It is to be razor focused on my desire.

One reason I do not receive what I want (desire) is because
I have not determined my God-given goals with clarity.

I must know what I want.

When I am focused and know precisely what I want (desire)
then I will recognize the people and the books that will
provide the information I need to make receiving happen.

Desire means “to long, wish for, want or crave.”

Psa 37.4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will
give you the d e s i r e s of your heart”

2. Believe. To believe means to “ take as truth or real”.
The law of belief is “what I believe in my heart with
conviction becomes my reality”.

Why is belief so difficult?
Is it that I don’t have enough faith?

My belief (faith) is negated because it is mixed
with unbeliefs. Unbeliefs that were taught me
as a child by parents or in school. Now my mind is
confused between what I believe and what I want to believe.

Comments were made such as: “This is our ‘lot in life’”,
“don’t try this”, “don’t try that” “money does not grow
on trees”.

It is like having two ropes to pull a heavy object.
I am not successful in moving the heavy object, not
because it is too heavy, but because I have one rope
tied to opposite ends and pulling in opposite directions.

My faith (belief) is negated by my unbelief.

What I believe (expect) in my heart with conviction becomes
my self-fulfilling prophecy.

What I believe becomes my reality.

3. Receive.
When I know the truth of what God desires for me,
I need to accept and take action towards my convictions
and my priorities and follow through with action.

When I ask, knowing what I want (desire),
and believe, God will give me the direction and strategy
to bring my desires to arrive.

Now that I have asked, believed and received,
I need to be thankful and thank God for His truth and

My continual attitude of thanksgiving will keep me
from being distracted by any unbelief.

I possess the faith (belief) to be productive
and to receive a life of abundance God intended for me.

The law of attraction is Ask, Believe, and Receive.

Walter Seward.

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Jason said...

I am a firm believer of The Law of Attraction...there is no doubt in my mind that it works because it has in my life over the past two years...a few years ago i was broke and homeless!!!And now because of my faith in God and understanding The Law of Attraction i am happily married with two children and an income of $6,000/month!!! Never doubt your faith!!!Always focus on the end result-whatever that is! Do not be swayed by the obstacles of life. They will be there, but so are the many blessings of life! Everyday, be thankful for what you have and be happy! If you don't feel happy say it to yourself out loud everyday until you are!!!Life is meant to be enjoyed, do just that!