Saturday, August 16, 2008

Restoring An Antique is like building a home-based business.

Building a home based business is like restoring an antique car that has
not been driven for 65 years.

Wayne found a 1926 Star Coupe in a garage. Because this car had not
been driven for 65 years, it had deteriorated immensely. It took
20 years searching for replacement original parts, replacing rotten
out wood frame work with new hard wood, carved and shaped for the
roof structure.

Many hours of work has paid off, the 1926 car runs like it did 82
years ago when it was new! I know it takes time to build a
home-based business. However, I also know it will not take 20 years
to make a very good profit when you have the right tools. When you
have the right system to follow.

The production of the Star automobile only lasted two years. Like
many other car manufacturers of that era, it ceased to be. Why did
this car manufacturer fail when Ford prospered? Ford used and
followed a system. Like Ford your home business will only prosper
when you follow a proven system.

Zoomica is a system to a life of prosperity and abundance.

Now you too can enjoy life as much as Wayne and Sheila enjoy their
1926 Antique Car, a 1926 Star Coupe.

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Gary McElwain said...

Walter that is an amazing story.
That is the kind of determination and perseverence it takes to reach your desired goal.

It's a good thing leaders are easier to fing than a 1926 radiator cap.

Gary McElwain