Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Secret to a Life of Abundance and Prosperity

What is the Secret to a life of Abundance and Prosperity?

Is there a secret? Is there a plan?

God’s ability to meet any need. That is prosperity.
However, it is conditional.

1. Meditating and delighting on His laws, His Word day and night.
2. By being a generous giver. Principle of sowing and reaping.

My life of abundance and prosperity ( A&P) is limited only by
my capacity to receive from God His unlimited abundance.

Prosperity is my ability to use God’s ability to meet any need.

The 4 keys to increasing my capacity for abundance are:

1. My ability. What am I capable to manage well?
What are my skills and talents? How responsible am I?

a) My passions. What am I passionate about? What do I love to do?
What excites me? What things do I naturally pursue?

b) What are my skills or talents? What strengths do other
people see in me?

c) What are my values? What is really important to me?
Is there something that I would risk my life for?

d) What was I born to do?

God is the holder of it all, of everything. He created it all.
I just get to hold some of this for a while.
How much I am entrusted with and how much I get to hold is
dependent upon by capacity, my trust worthiness and my dependability.

2. My resources.
As I increase my value to others, my prosperity will increase.
Leaders are readers. Therefore as I become educated through books and CD’s,
doing something each day to increase my personal value – my ability
for a life of abundance and prosperity also increases.

3. My attitude. My attitude comes from my self-image, the person I think I am.
I am of much greater value to others when I see myself as God sees me.

My attitude determines my altitude suggested Earl Nightengale.
How I feel about myself determines the impact I have on those around me.
My attitude also determines what I will do and be.
Phil 4.13 “I can do all things……”

4. My Stewardship. My capacity to hold and be responsible for
what God provides me. Am I trust worthy and dependable?

Abundance is the result of having something of value that others want.
Prosperity is the result of increasing my value (my personal worth to others)

Stewardship involves doing. Faith + Action = Results.
Stewardship involves responsible giving.
Stewardship involves managing the increase that follows.

Abilities + Resources + Attitudes + Stewardship = my capacity.

Together we may enjoy the life of Abundance and Prosperity

- Walter

( adapted from "Greatest Secret" by Ron McIntosh)

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M S said...

Abilities, resources and attitudes. very well said. these are the decisive factors.