Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fire Your Boss - Myth

You have heard it said. Get involved in network marketing
and “fire your boss”, work for yourself and make more money.

We all have that dream. Oh to be self-employed and get rich!

That is a dream.

The reality is this.

Yes, do add a second stream of income working from home.
At the same time Do NOT fire your boss.
Keep your present job.

Those who are accumulating wealth say this:

“I am working full time at my job –
and part-time on my fortune”

You see, your full time job pays the mortgage,
car payments and normal household living expenses.

Your part-time working from home income will build your
fortune when you invest that income to accumulate wealth.

Investing your part-time income into your mortgage, paying it down;
paying off other debts then investing into other real estate etc
will create for you a fortune in a few years.

The prudent and wise person will not “fire their boss”.

What if
… the part-time income from home does not work out?
What if…. you need the benefits that “the boss” provides?

The prudent and wise person will keep his job
until the commission checks from working at home income
doubles the job income for at least six months.

“Wages make you a living
Profits make you a fortune”
- Jim Rohn

Be wise in choosing a home based business.

Work with a company that has long term (more than 5 years)
integrity and a proven track record.

Who are the principals of the company?

What do they know about working from home?

- Walter

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