Monday, September 22, 2008

Financial Shake-Up Re-enforces the Benefits of Networking OnLine.

September 2008 will be remembered in history as a month of shake-up and hardships. A month with a wake-up call. A reminder that all is not secure. Networkers are grateful to have other streams of income.

Hurricanes destroyed businesses and homes along the gulf. Networkers who had a solid online business continue to receive weekly checks while they worked to clean up their homes and help their neighbors rebuild their communities.

Networkers are not concerned about opening their business and stocking the shelves with products and food the local community needed. They were not concerned about the payroll of their employees. Being self-employed has advantages. They work from anywhere where they may connect to the internet. They have a global business that generates a royalty income.

Then the financial market took a major tumble over the waterfalls. Floods of stocks went over the falls taking with it your retirement funds, your life savings, your child’s education. Tears are being shed, creating another waterfall. Some people have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few short hours.

How do we recover from all this?

Is it possible to recover?

Those who have a royalty income will survive well. They will continue to receive a check in their mail box every week.just as does Michael Jordan, J.K.Rowling, and Lisa Marie Presley. For many their royalty check will range from a few hundred dollars a month to over $100,000 a month.

Robert Kiyosaki endorses network marketing as a new and revolutionary way to achieve wealth. He said, “The richest people in the world build networks, everyone else looks for work.”

Now is the time to increase your royalty income through networking. Get involved in a solid company that has at least a five year track record of success. A company that has products reasonably priced so that the average person, your neighbors will buy them.

Now is the time to cut the interest you are paying on a mortgage.

-Walter Seward

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