Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why I Work From Home

This morning I was up at 4:30 to help my wife
get ready and take her to the airport for an
early morning flight to North Carolina.

I am an early rise, but not usually THAT early!.

Have you flown lately? Have you checked your
suitcases in? The airline now wanted $15
for the first suitcase checked and $25 for
the second suitcase. That is, if they were not
more than 50 lbs each.!

Well my wife decided, last minute at the ticket
counter to check in the smaller suitcase without
wheels and carry on the suitcase with wheels.
All is well and she rolled on up to the gate
and to security.

What did security find? hair gel, toothpaste,
shampoo all in “oversize” containers. Now what?
There goes $30 - $40 worth of personal stuff.

Now let’s see she could have driven her car but
with gasoline at $4.00 a gallon we thought flying
was cheaper !

I work from home and work on the internet to save
the frustrations my wife experienced this morning.

There are other reasons why I work from home:

The cost of “going” to work takes
a major portion out of each paycheck.

“Going” to work, takes me away from
the home and my family.

“Going” to work means buying pretty clothes to wear.

My business on the internet is international. I have
customers around the globe. The advantages are many.
When the economy is down in my neighborhood, it may be
booming in another community. I may have a product
for which there is a starving crowd in another country.

My working hours are flexible. I am my own boss!
I work in comfortable clothes and I work from anywhere.
That may be at home, at a resort, at the beach or even
from a foreign city.

Life is good. I love working from home.

Join me. I know you too will love the benefits of
working from home.

- Walter Seward

Working from home to help you succeed.

Email 6m4cash@gmail.com

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