Sunday, September 28, 2008

No brakes, brings success in creating income at home

Driving with 'no brakes' can be fun and it can also be dangerous. I have experienced both. No brakes may apply to bicycles, automobiles and even to creating an income at home.

My first 'no brakes' experience was about the age of 10 riding a bicycle that belonged to someone else. We were riding in another part of the country away from home and familiar roads. John suggested let’s ride over to the river. Now the road is through country farm land on gravel – dirt roads. Suddenly the view of the river was before us. We overlooked the river from a much higher level. There was a road going down to the river. Well, let’s take it. We did. Loose gravel, winding, steep decline. Very soon I discovered my bike had “NO BRAKES”.

No brakes on our 1936 Chevy pickup. My brother purchased this pickup for $25. It ran very well, that is is would start easily at minus 20 F with a crank. The three speed gearshift on the floor was sloppy but worked fine. The steering system had enough play in it we could spin the wheel before the wheels changed direction. Brakes? The brake pedal would sit on the floor board connected to air! How do you stop such a vehicle? It is easy, downshift to 2nd then 1st gear, then while still rolling shift into reverse!

Free wheeling is about the same as having no brakes. I was riding with a friend in the mountains in Ecuador. Now get this picture, the road drops rapidly from 11,000 ft to sea level. There are no such thing as guard rails, curve signs etc. Some people know that when driving down a steep incline it is a good idea to shift down at the top of the hill.

In the USA, there are signs for truckers to check their brakes and to gear down before starting down the incline. Well my friend has a “better” idea. No gears. Just free wheel in neutral! Now you are trusting the brakes only, to slow you down - until they fail! Not a good plan. We did survive.

Building a business without brakes? If you knew you could have a profitable business in just 12 months, what would your “Do List” look like? What would be your activities today? Would you free wheel without brakes and move rapidly forward, with no brakes applied?

We are fascinated by speed. We are frustrated by slow. Slow does not work.

We found a system that has no brakes. A system that provides speed in building a very good income. Release the brakes and speed forward increasing your income at home by using a proven marketing system.

Two methods working together.

1. Find a solid home based income.

2. Use a System to Pay off your mortgage in 1/2 to 1/3 the time
Save interest payments.

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